Motor skills and balance

Optimization of the potential of the Vestibule System

The ear is not only an organ of hearing but also determines balance, rhythm and coordination. Try covering one ear while walking and you will find it difficult to balance.

Balance depends on the vestibule, the part of the inner ear that informs the brain of the slightest movement of the body. The ear therefore influences posture and the maintenance of balance. Through its effect on the vestibular system, the Tomatis® Method allows the body to regain its verticality by directly affecting muscle tone. With systematic listening sessions, the coherence of the messages sent to the brain through the right and left ear in the vestibule are synchronized. This results in better coordination in flowing movement and enhancement in functions that require balance.

This is why the Tomatis® Method has beneficial effects on movement coordination disorders. In addition, the vestibular system plays a fundamental role in the integration of the rhythm of music and language due to the complex neuronal synapses in the brain.